Samantha Wahay

Client Services Manager

Samantha Wahay is Brian Skinner & Associates in-house photographer and customer relations specialist. Her expertise in photography and understanding of Calgary and surrounding areas makes Sam an instrumental part of our team. Her passion for art combined with her creativity and love for helping customers is what led Sam to pursue a career with Brian Skinner & Associates and Real Estate. Using DSLR Photography and Photoshop, Sam’s expertise style and expertise is sure to show your home in the best light possible.

Samantha Wahay is our Calgary Real Estate photographer at Brian Skinner & Associates. Sam has always had a passion for art, creativity and helping people. Using DSLR Photography and Photoshop, Sam is able to take ordinary pictures of listings and neighborhoods and turn them into pieces of art.

Before pursuing a career in photography, Samantha worked as a behaviour therapist in a group home for children and youth with severe autism. Samantha got her Child and Youth Care diploma in Nova Scotia, where she lived for eight years with her family. Shortly after completing her studies, she packed up and drove out west in hopes to finding better career opportunities. When she’s not taking pictures of your house or in front of the computer, Samantha enjoys reading, traveling, colouring in her adult colouring books, painting, and watering the 62 plants she has in her condo.

Samantha draws from her creative nature to ensure that your home is showcased professionally and beautifully. She works hard to impress our clients and never ceases to impress. Trust Sam to make sure that your homes sparkles in front of potential buyers.

Five words you can count on from Samantha Wahay: Passion, Ambition, Integrity, Caring, Understanding.

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